Keyway, Slit, Slot and Vending Machine


It’s a keyway

A keyway is a long slot in a component that engages with a corresponding slot on the mating component. This prevents movement of the two parts.

It’s a slit

In physics, a slit is a long, narrow opening that is either natural or caused by being cut. A slit is commonly used as the past participle of the verb slit, which means “to cut”. However, not all slits are natural. A slit that was caused by an accident or surgical procedure is called an unnatural slit. If a slit is not natural, you can use the word slit (wound). Other slits are irregularly-shaped and are called slit pupils.

It’s a vending machine

A Slot is a type of vending machine. It uses a conveyor belt to deliver drinks to the customer. You can deposit money into the machine immediately, but there are also some machines that require you to wait for a couple of days before the drinks are ready.

It’s regulated

Like other forms of online gambling, slots are regulated by government-approved gaming commissions and states. These regulations ensure that slot machines payout correctly. Online slot gaming is not regulated in some countries, however, such as the Middle East.